#10BEGG - Digital Speed Dates powered by #digitaleversnelling (5/07/2017)

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1 commentName: Kel Wouters
Twitter: @kelwouters
Company: So Buzzy & So Baggy
2 commentName: Valerie Letens
Company: Oh My Dear Webshop
3 commentName: Joy Buelens
Twitter: @itsa_Joy_thing
Company: Kariboo
4 commentName: Veerle Vanderjeugt
Company: Nintendo
5 commentName: Evy Puelinckx
Twitter: @HetVindingrijk
Company: Het Vindingrijk
6 commentName: Michèle Note
Twitter: @MicheleNote
Company: So Buzzy & So Baggy
7 commentName: Elien De Jaeger
Twitter: @ElienDJ
Company: Weber Shandwick
8 commentName: Jasdip
Twitter: @Mamoizelle_gill
Company: W
9 commentName: Nathalie Le Blanc
Company: Knack Weekend
10 commentName: Veerle Goossens
Twitter: @veerlegoossens
Company: Carrefour
11 commentName: Heidi Lagneaux
Twitter: @
Company: Partena
12 commentName: Karin van Hees
Twitter: @karinvanhees
Company: freelancer
13 commentName: Els Michiels
Twitter: @els_m
Company: Sanoma Media
14 commentName: Inès Van Lautem
Twitter: @Innekepoes
Company: /
15 commentName: Dominique
Twitter: @TanteDomi
Company: freelancer
16 commentName: Karen ampoorter
17 commentName: An Vanderlinden
18 commentName: Nancy Verbrugghe
Twitter: @nanske
19 commentName: Yannick Barrera
Twitter: @yannickbarrera
Company: OhDeer
20 commentName: Valerie Wuestenbergs
Twitter: @ ValerieWSB
21 commentName: Nina vincx
Company: BlogAcademie
22 commentName: Sarah Van Sighem
23 commentName: nele breyne
Twitter: @nele_breyne
Company: Con•tekst
24 commentName: Trees de bruyne
Company: Riditti
25 commentName: Marijke
Twitter: @Marijkepante
26 commentName: Ellen Deckx
Company: Studio Kriek
27 commentName: Annick Breugelmans
Twitter: @zomermaantje
28 commentName: Nele De Cuyper
Twitter: @neledecuyper
29 commentName: Riet Van de Walle
Twitter: @riet_tweet
Company: Mind the Whale
30 commentName: Hilde Cortebeeck
Twitter: @Misskoffieklets
31 commentName: Maud Marbaix
Company: freelancer
32 commentName: Sofie Doms
Company: Sanoma Magazines Belgium
33 commentName: Kevser Marasligil
34 commentName: Nele Langens
Company: Financial Casting
35 commentName: Annika Koivu
Company: Fujitsu
36 commentName: Lisa Diamant
Twitter: @Lisa_D
Company: blue2purple
37 commentName: Krystyna Krywen
Twitter: @Agataalopleidingen
Company: Agataal Taalopleidingen
38 commentName: Sheila De Graaf
Company: Café-taverne Doel 5
39 commentName: Maud Marbaix
40 commentName: Elien Vanhaesebroeck
Twitter: @elienvhb
Company: Freelancer

People that couldn't make it

These people registered before but sadly couldn't make it.
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1 commentName: Kel Wouters
Twitter: @kelwouters
2 commentName: Valerie Cardoen
Twitter: @valeriecardoen
Company: Nintendo
3 commentName: Elke Eriksson
Twitter: @ElkeEriksson
Company: LEWIS PR
4 commentName: Sarah Vandendael
Twitter: @Saarsell
Company: Smaak webshop
5 commentName: Jana Vanherwegen
Twitter: @JanaVanherwegen
Company: So Buzzy & So Baggy
6 commentName: Delphine Van Loocke
Twitter: @VLD79
Company: Google
7 commentName: Khadija ouchoukout
Twitter: @gadouchke
khadija on 7/4/2017 9:46:06 PM
unsubscribe, I can't make it
8 commentName: Khadija
Twitter: @P
Company: T
khadija on 7/4/2017 9:46:17 PM
unsubscribe, I can't make it
9 commentName: Sandra Aerts
Twitter: @sanaered
Sandra on 7/3/2017 1:20:35 PM
unsubscribe, I can't make it
10 commentName: Marlies Vanherbergen
Twitter: @Rosalind1983
11 commentName: Nathalie Bienstman
Twitter: @nbienstman
12 commentName: Tamara Mertens
Twitter: @
Company: Vlaamse Overheid
13 commentName: Marijke De Vuyst
Twitter: @marijkedv
Company: Start 2 Run - Yoga met Evy
Marijke De Vuyst on 7/5/2017 11:04:55 AM
Ik kan er niet meer bij zijn vanavond...
14 commentName: Liesbeth enkels
Twitter: @Liesbeth enkels
Liesbeth Enkels on 7/5/2017 11:13:13 AM
Gezien ik ziek ben, kan ik er niet geraken vanavond.
15 commentName: Annelies de Clercq
Twitter: @Xaicodog
16 commentName: Fatima Ualgasi
Twitter: @schaduw_zijde
17 commentName: Rachida Ouchoukout
Company: Freelancer
rachida on 7/4/2017 9:45:39 PM
unsubscribe, I can't make it
18 commentName: Laila
Laila on 7/4/2017 9:45:49 PM
unsubscribe, I can't make it
19 commentName: Kurt Frederickx
Twitter: @UpstarsBE
Company: Upstars
20 commentName: Nele Van Beveren
Twitter: @nelevanbeveren
Company: KBC
21 commentName: Erna Kuc
Company: blue2purple

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