#7BEGG - The Healthy Edition

We'll update you on the full program later but if you're up for a little challenge you can already register ;-)

1 commentName: Tamara Mertens
Language: Nederlands
2 commentName: Evelyn Cloosen
Twitter: @evil-lyn
Language: Nederlands
3 commentName: Inès van Lautem
Twitter: @innekepoes
Language: nl
4 commentName: Heidi Lagneaux
Language: Nederlands
5 commentName: Nele De Cuyper
Twitter: @neledecuyper
Language: Nederlands
6 commentName: Selena De Munter
Language: Nederlands
7 commentName: Katrien De Vadder
Twitter: @evavds
Language: Nederlands
8 commentName: Riet Van de Walle
Twitter: @riet_tweet
Language: Nederlands
9 commentName: Katya Degrieck
Twitter: @27redsquares 27redX
Language: NL/ENG/FR
10 commentName: Annelies de Clercq
Twitter: @Xaicodog
Language: Nl
11 commentName: Lisbeth Wijmeersch
Language: Nl
12 commentName: Liesje Vandenweghe
Twitter: @liesjevdw
Language: NL/ENG/FR
13 commentName: Karolien de Vriendt
Language: Nl
14 commentName: Liesbeth Enkels
Twitter: @Liesbethenkels
Language: Nl
15 commentName: Eveline Smet
Twitter: @evelinesmet
Language: NL
16 commentName: Marie Arnauts
Twitter: @mariearnauts
Language: NL
17 commentName: Kristien Denteneer
Language: NL
18 commentName: Chloë Vernimmen
Language: NL
19 commentName: An Deroost
Twitter: @chococat24
Language: NL
20 commentName: Sofie Jossart
Twitter: @fiebs_me
Language: NL
21 commentName: Erna Janssens
Twitter: @ernajanssens
Language: NL
22 commentName: Hannah
Twitter: @HannahVandeplas
Language: NL
23 commentName: Jasdip
Twitter: @NL FR ES
Language: @mamoizelle_gill
24 commentName: Elien De Jaeger
Twitter: @ElienDJ
Language: NL
25 commentName: Laura
Language: Nederlands
26 commentName: Khadija
Twitter: @Hadise
Language: Nl
27 commentName: Sarah Van Sighem
Twitter: @SarahVanSighem
Language: NL
28 commentName: Ann Wuyts
Twitter: @vintfalken
Language: 3 ;)
29 commentName: Andrea
Language: Nederlands
30 commentName: Nathalie Bienstman
Twitter: @nbienstman
Language: Dutch
31 commentName: Barbara Delvoye
Twitter: @barbaradelvoye
Language: Dutch
32 commentName: Leila
Twitter: @Leila
Language: Nl eng
33 commentName: Anouk Deleye
Twitter: @noukiedl
Language: Dutch
34 commentName: nele breyne
Twitter: @nele_breyne
Language: nederlands
35 commentName: Heleen Vandecasteele
Language: Nederlans
36 commentName: Sofie Rycken
Twitter: @Sofierycken
Language: dutch
37 commentName: Joke Caluwaerts
Twitter: @Joke_Cal
Language: Nederlands
38 commentName: Katrijn Kussener
Twitter: @Katijoooo
Language: NL
39 commentName: An Vanderlinden
Language: NL
40 commentName: Inge Gorissen
Language: Nederlands

Reserves List

The names below are first in line in case one of the attendees above can't make it.
Usually there are some last-minute changes in the attendees list so you have a good change to get in.

41 commentName: Liesbeth Cluckers
Twitter: @knijntje
Language: Ndl
42 commentName: Lise Van Tongelen
Twitter: @Li_se
Language: NL
43 commentName: Catherine onzia
Language: Nl
44 commentName: ann ghyssaert
Language: nl
45 commentName: Sara
Twitter: @seya_
Language: Nl
46 commentName: magali
Twitter: @magalidierckx
Language: nederlands
47 commentName: Antonella Ch
Twitter: @Anto
Language: E
48 commentName: Heidi
Twitter: @heidi_vdb
Language: NL
49 commentName: Valérie Van Rumst
Language: NL
50 commentName: Sarah
Twitter: @SarahGiebens
Language: Nederlands
51 commentName: Sophie Thiebaut
Twitter: @sophiethiebaut
Language: Nl
52 commentName: Dorien Claes
Twitter: @luxedy
Language: NL
53 commentName: Lalle
Language: @lalle

People that couldn't make it

These people registered before but sadly couldn't make it.
(if you accidentally got removed from the list, you can restore yourself here)

1 commentName: Romy
Language: Nederlands
2 commentName: Kristel Wouters
Language: Nederlands
3 commentName: Maaike Kerschot
Twitter: @Maaike2go
Language: NL/EN
Karin van Hees on 6/22/2015 6:55:54 PM
sorry Kel er is werk tussen gekomen. Ik kan er niet bij zijn.
5 commentName: Annelies Fouquaet
Language: Nederlands
6 commentName: Marie-Louise Asselman
Language: Nederlands
7 commentName: Hetty De Brouwer
Language: Nederlands
8 commentName: Marijke Pante
Twitter: @marijkepante
Language: nl
Marijke on 6/23/2015 9:42:18 AM
Ik kan er jammer genoeg ook niet bij zijn
9 commentName: Els michiels
Twitter: @Els_m
Language: Nl
10 commentName: Sofie Jossart
Twitter: @
Language: NL
11 commentName: Melina Beckers
Twitter: @MelinaBeckers
Language: Nederlands
12 commentName: Evy De Troch
Twitter: @EvyDeTroch
Language: Dutch
Evy De Troch on 6/21/2015 6:25:32 PM
Ik zal er niet kunnen bij zijn.
13 commentName: Noortje Vanduffel
Twitter: @NVanduffel
Language: Dutch
14 commentName: Sandra Aerts
Twitter: @sanaered
Language: Dutch
Sandra Aerts on 6/22/2015 7:33:09 PM
Ik moet me ook uitschrijven, te veel werk. Alleen vind ik de 'remove' knop niet.
15 commentName: Sabien Bens
Twitter: @sabienbens
Language: Dutch
Sabien Bens on 6/5/2015 10:16:46 AM
zal er toch niet bij kunnen zijn, jammer
16 commentName: Ineke Hoogmartens
Twitter: @inekehoogmartens
Language: Dutch
17 commentName: Ann Marcelis
Twitter: @annmarcelis
Language: NL
Ann Marcelis on 6/23/2015 9:58:16 AM
Jammer genoeg teveel werk dus ik moet me uitschrijven. Maar de remove optie is niet te zien.
18 commentName: Ine Peers
Twitter: @inebenzine
Language: NL
Ine on 6/22/2015 4:50:30 PM
ik kan er niet bij zijn.
19 commentName: Miek Bellings
Language: Nederlands
Miek Bellings on 6/16/2015 2:45:49 PM
Ik zal er toch niet kunnen zijn. Volgende keer!
20 commentName: Annelies De Meyere
Twitter: @Endimi
Language: NL
Endimi on 6/22/2015 11:02:08 AM
Zal er toch niet bij kunnen zijn. Next time!
21 commentName: Liesbeth
Twitter: @liesbethenkels
Language: NL
22 commentName: Tamara Ancaer
Language: Nederlands
23 commentName: isabeĺle spettante
Twitter: @ispettante
Language: nl



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