1 edit Name: Tom Gillis
company: NTS
function: Managing director
2 edit Name: Gella Vandecaveye
company: PR & Sport Consulting BVBA
function: Manager
3 edit Name: Monia Ben Tahar
company: Telenet
function: Sponsoring-event and brandactivation manager
4 edit Name: Eddy Vinckier
company: PR & Sport Consulting BVBA
function: Financieel Manager
5 edit Name: Nancy Lamont
company: Gezondheishuis ProVita & ProVita-Foods
function: Oprichter.
6 edit Name: Tom Martin
company: AGO Jobs & HR
function: Director Marketing & Facility
7 edit Name: Lut Wille
company: Lut wille advocatenkantoor
function: Managing director
8 edit Name: Inge Van Belle
company: Herculean
function: Co-Founder
9 edit Name: Jo Schreurs
company: Sporta
function: Algemeen directeur
10 edit Name: Tony Decavele
company: ZUMI
function: CEO
11 edit Name: Kim Dewilde
function: chief desgin team
12 edit Name: Björn De Baets
company: Beobank PRO
function: Directeur Zelfstandigen & Ondernemingen - Regio Kortrijk
13 edit Name: Pascale Somers
company: Beyond the Moon
function: Manager & Mede-oprichter
14 edit Name: Kris Colpaert
company: Confide
function: Zaakvoerder
15 edit Name: Bruno Lambrecht
company: Zquadra digital printing
function: bedrijfsleider
16 edit Name: Frank Aernout
company: BeWorkHappy
function: CEO
17 edit Name: Claude Parmentier
company: BNP Paribas Fortis
function: Algemeen directeur West-Vlaanderen
18 edit Name: Kris Dewitte
company: Roularta Custom Media
function: Sales Director
19 edit Name: Lesley Arens
company: HRbuilders
function: country manager Belgium
20 edit Name: Dhooghe Guy
company: Miss Belgium Organisation
function: sales manager
21 edit Name: Romanie Schotte
company: Miss Belgium Organisation
function: Miss Belgium 2017
22 edit Name: Stefaan Delahaye
company: La Lorraine Bakery Group
function: Sales & Trade Marketing Manager
23 edit Name: Marc Gryspeerdt
company: Metrics in Balance
function: Managing Partner
24 edit Name: Jan-Pieter Vanblaere
company: Home Health Products
function: Event & Marketing Coordinator
25 edit Name: Filip Meeus
company: Elite-Freestyle voetbal entertainment
function: zaakvoerder
26 edit Name: Micha Marah
company: Mima
function: zaakvoerder
27 edit Name: Wim De Coninck
company: double energy
function: zaakvoerder
28 edit Name: Dominique Lobbestael
company: Footballheroes
function: Creative Director
29 edit Name: Danny Ongenae
company: Ongenae
function: zaakvoerder
30 edit Name: Martens Luc
company: CEMR / Raad van Europa
function: vice-president
31 edit Name: VEREECKE Carl
company: provincie West-Vlaanderen
function: gedeputeerde voor sport
32 edit Name: Mus Jean-Marie
company: Volvo Car Gent
function: Ergonoom
33 edit Name: Wulgaert Guy
company: Volvo Car Gent
function: Superintendent
34 edit Name: Birger Vanduyfhuys
company: Feest en Eventoplanner
function: Zaakvoerder
35 edit Name: Sandra Deboes
company: Sanvita
function: Zaakvoerder
36 edit Name: Mieke De Clercq
company: Essevee
function: Bestuurder
37 edit Name: Patrick Fakkel
company: Patrick Fakkel
function: Muzikant/Acteur
38 edit Name: Van lancker Eric
company: Snpwear
function: Sales manager
39 edit Name: Geert Malysse
company: Lorri bvba
function: Zaakvoerder
40 edit Name: Wim Van de Keere
company: Pro Basketball League
function: General Manager

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