1 commentName: Alice Bruno
email: alice.bruno@cronos.be
Company: Cronos Linkt
2 commentName: Patrick Vermeiren
email: patrick.vermeiren@comfortfinance.be
Company: Comfort Team, uw denk en doe tank
3 commentName: Laure Van Hoyweghen
email: Laure.VanHoyweghen@jstack.eu
Company: jstack
4 commentName: Els Bouckaert
email: els.bouckaert@antilopedebie.be
Company: Antilope De Bie Printing - Duffel
5 commentName: Michel Wenmaekers
email: michelwenmaekers@sedus.com
Company: SEDUS Belgium
6 commentName: Sabine Peeters
email: sabine.peeters@acgfab.be
Company: ACG
7 commentName: Dennis Francken
email: dennis.confiden@gmail.com
Company: Confiden
8 commentName: Sabine Van Overmeire
email: s.vanovermeire@taloadvocaten.be
Company: Talo Advocaten
9 commentName: Bert janssens
email: Bert.janssens1@gmail.com
Company: Bert Janssens photography
10 commentName: Luc Geelen
email: luc@affaco.com
Company: Affaco - bedrijfsadvies
11 commentName: Paul Boey
email: paul@groupenergy.be
Company: Group Energy
12 commentName: Linda Kriekemans
email: linda.kriekemans@skynet.be
Company: Freelance + Dress to Express
13 commentName: Michael Noppe
email: michael.noppe@qframe.be
Company: Qframe
14 commentName: Katrien Meeusen
email: katrien.meeusen@sbb.be
Company: SBB Accountants & Adviseurs
15 commentName: Annick Nys
email: annick.nys1@telenet.be
Company: Forever Living Products
16 commentName: An Wens
email: info@anwens.be
Company: Webdesign voor gepassioneerde ondernemers
17 commentName: Alperen UNLU
email: alperen.unlu@teamingup.eu
Company: TeamingUp
18 commentName: Timothy Wouters
email: timothy.wouters@teamingup.eu
Company: TeamingUp
19 commentName: Johan Bernaerts
email: johan.bernaerts@ing.com
Company: ING
20 commentName: Steven Selleslags
email: steven@highonlife.be
Company: High On Life
21 commentName: Diether Reyntjens
email: diether.reyntjens@exact.com
Company: Exact software

People that couldn't make it

These people registered before but sadly couldn't make it.
(if you accidentally got removed from the list, you can restore yourself here)

1 commentName: Sonja Van Remoortere
email: sonja@startersnet.be
Company: Startersnet

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