1 commentName: Laurens Geukens
2 commentName: Kris Verachtert
3 commentName: Nora Bloemen
4 commentName: Dominic De Gruyter
5 commentName: Sabina Mikovic
6 commentName: Esther Van de Vel
7 commentName: Kris Devet
8 commentName: Leo Van Herck
9 commentName: Lydie Van Herck
10 commentName: Koen Van Hees
11 commentName: Nele Jansen
12 commentName: Laura Lefebvre
13 commentName: Ilse Van Opstal
14 commentName: Davy Vanwalleghem - 360D
15 commentName: katleen pauwels

People that couldn't make it

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1 commentName: May Schellekens

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