Startlocation Sportpaleis

Wednesday 12/05, 19.30pm

(don't forget to REMOVE yourself if you can't make it)

1 edit Name: Gunter
2 edit Name: Myrthe
3 edit Name: Iwona Cwik
4 edit Name: Rob
5 edit Name: Tim
6 edit Name: Joachim
7 edit Name: Kathy
8 edit Name: Thies
9 edit Name: Joachim H

Reserves List

The names below are first in line in case one of the attendees above can't make it.
Usually there are some last-minute changes in the attendees list so you have a good change to get in.

10 edit Name: Rob
11 edit Name: Rob tried to REMOVE, I cant make it bc work extra time

People that couldn't make it

These people registered before but sadly couldn't make it.
(if you accidentally got removed from the list, you can restore yourself here)

1 edit Name: Wim
2 edit Name: Vincent
3 edit Name: Matthias

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