1 Name: Koen Wauters
2 Name: Maïté Piessen
3 Name: Kathleen Huys
4 Name: Peter Brems
5 Name: Hilde Mertens
6 Name: Simon Verbist
7 Name: Roel Pennemans
8 Name: Ann Biesemans
9 Name: Lieven Goes
10 Name: Brigitte Vermeersch
11 Name: Wouter Dambre (o.v.)
12 Name: Wim Schepens
13 Name: belinda van molle
14 Name: Gitte Van Hoyweghen
15 Name: Loutfi
16 Name: trui de mare
17 Name: Ann Rosiers
18 Name: lucas vanclooster

People that couldn't make it

These people registered before but sadly couldn't make it.
(if you accidentally got removed from the list, you can restore yourself here)

1 Name: Elke Jacobs

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